Hey girls..
Now before I went to bed, I want to show you girls this famous color from China Glaze. Ok actually it’s THE famous color from CG. Some say it looks like Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague, and some considers it as a replica of Tiffany & Co.’s patented blue. In my opinion, it’s the exact of both. 
So wanna see the ‘powerful’ color? Presenting to you “For Audrey”.

with flash

Artificial Lighting

Nice huh? Well too bad you can’t see the shine in this picture. I just didn’t know how to capture it but really it shines, not as matte as this. Everything was fine with this color except that its too streaky! I hate the application. The color is thicker than usual that its a bit hard to apply. I had to put on a ‘thick’ topcoat to cover the streak. Thank god it dries fast (not sure it’s the polish or the top coat). But ya I like the color:-) I mean it’s the green genre so naturally its my favorite.
So is this one of your favorite polish? Or do you think its overhyped?
Think about it while I go to bed.. Nite nite everyone..

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  1. I LOVE this color as well. Totally gorgeous, definitely a favorite and must-have!

  2. hands down, For Audrey is my favorite color!

  3. I still don't own this one yet! I need it!

  4. I like this colour too! I think it's nicer than the eyeko on your previous post!

  5. The polish dries fast, so it could be polish or both ;)
    Here I showed also a swatch with a coat of Diamond by SH. Nice too :)

  6. I love blues, so of course I love it too! It's aqua so in between green and blue. I don't have it though, I don't like cremes because they seem to show any imperfections in my nails, I'd have to get a good ridge filler and then I'll go nuts buying all the cremes I've been missing out on. lol

  7. How would you compare this to What's With The Cattitude by OPI?

  8. Jenny, Biata- yeah its gorgeous!

    Lois- Better get one soon! you don know what r u missing:-D

    Beauty Addict- yea in comparison this is much nicer

    Anna- thats really nice:-)

    Donna- You've gt to get the ridge filler stat! I love creme finishes the best after duochromes and hols. Really.

    Brenda- For Audrey is much 'greener':-)

  9. This is one of my favorite polishes. Looks gorgeous on you.

  10. This blue is really really sweet. I like this A LOT!!


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