Hi girls, how’s your weekend so far? Mine was great! I did nothing but laze around on my couch munching away. Now I’ve got to think about how to get rid of this accumulated belly fat this whole week.
Anyway, today I have a color I want to share with you girls, Orly Hook Up. Im not sure when was this color released but its really a beautiful vibrant sunflower like semi neon yellow. Its very summery and since its summer all the time in Malaysia, this is one color that can easily be worn all year long.

The only problem with this is its very sheer! This is 4 coats! So the drying time was crazy too. However, to make it look brighter, I’m pretty sure it would look better with a white base coat. Then hopefully we don’t need 4 layers for it. If you notice the pictures, its also very streaky. I don’t have a topcoat here so this is how streaky it can get. Quite confident the topcoat will be able to ‘neutralize’ it a bit.
All in all I kind of like this color (in the mood for bright stuff). How about you? What’s your favorite color/polish at this very moment?

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  1. hmmm im into vampy reds, i have elianto's grape wine on :D pretty cool jelly

  2. China Glaze Afterglow + Essie Rock Candy combo. <3 ^^

  3. I can see that it is pretty streaky.Currently my favourite color is Nevermore from OPI's Go Goth Collection!XD

  4. I just realized I bought this, too, and haven't yet worn it. It's really pretty. Thanks for the tip to put white on underneath.

  5. Jamie- Gosh Jamie, already in Halloween mood?:-)

    Bee- i wonder hw it looks like :-)

    KyeLin- oh that shd look nice. Never worn it before though

    Dhini- ya it is

    DesertNails- you are most welcomed:-)

  6. I love orly but im not really digging this shade

  7. Toes that wrinkle- :-) so what colors do u like?

  8. this looks cool! i wud definitely wear this. :) im currently into reds! i wanna find the 'perfect' red for my skintone. hahaha! something tomato red-ish.

  9. Wow! Its like exactly that shade of yellow-the same shade as the star and crescent moon on our jalur Gemilang! :D awesome!!

  10. Niki: hehe, i knw its 'your' color:-)

    Kimchi: hehe, thts great rite?:-D Malaysia boleh

  11. I'm wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Chic Cobalt. It's a discontinued shade I got at the dollar store in a two pack, so 50 cents! It's gorgeous. You know how on a lot of nail blogs, the blogger is wearing purple, but their camera will not capture the picture in purple, it always comes out blue? Well my nails are really that shade of blue in their pictures. lol It has a shimmer in light blue.

    I don't like lighter colors like yellow, because I don't like to do more than 2 coats. So if I buy a light shade, I'm generally planning to use it as a top coat to add some pizazz to my darker polishes.

  12. Thats a unique cool love it
    But i don't know if this brand offer in my country
    Love your blog


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