OMG! I’m so in love with my new polishes! Can stop ‘playing’ with them that I hardly have the ‘time’ to swatch them (besides the weather is going crazy these two days).
So neway, I’ve done few collections so I’m hoping to review them on one of these days. So do come back to check em out. While then, here I’m posting this Zoya colour that I swatched last Friday; Bebe.
Bebe is a sheer pink colour that has a shimmer finish. It’s a beautiful light pink. Absolutely great for those who wants the toned down look to work (I’m wearing OPI’s No Room For The Blues tomorrow to work:-D). The only problem with Bebe is that it’s so so sheer that I had almost given up layering my nails with it to get an opaque finish. So finally, this is what I got with 4 coats of Zoya Bebe;
 Under Natural Light
 Under Natural light
With Flash

I would have had more to say about it during my ‘toned down, nude look day’ mood but now I’m into brights so not gonna say much:-)

Neway.. What you girls think?

P/S: Nail Galore Merdeka Giveaway is still on till 30/9/2010. Join now for those who haven’t! :-D

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  1. Wow! I likey this color! This is so me! ;) absolutely love this shade. Very feminine I must say. Perfect for weddings (:


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