First of all im really sorry on the lack of updates. Work at the hospital has been really busy that i just couldn't afford a time off to update. Really sorry. 
However, i decided to give myself a break and so i learned how to do marble DIY nail polish! Yeay! It seems easy initially but trust me it gets really tedious. But the end results was kind of cool so not gonna complaint:-)
For those who are not sure as to what water marble nail arts are, click here as China Glaze had a whole tutorial on it. Or if you wanna learn from an amateur and learn from my mistakes, read on:-)

Before You Start, What You Need?

A Bowl That You Can Waste/ Not Gonna Use Anymore.
(I'm using my tau-fu-fa bowl. Gt too many of them)

A Glass Of Water 
(preferably room temperature, & filtered.Tap water doesn't work as well:-()

Nail Lacquers
(In this i'm using Sand In My Suit & Berry Berry Broadway)

Cuticle Oil
(I'm using olive oil. Its cheaper and it works marvelously as well)

Nail Polish Remover
(My Favorite! Not Advertising!)

Orange Stick
(Using chopstick)

Hot Drink
(You gonna spend lots of time in this so get your hot drink ready. My fav is green tea:-)

Ok.. So lets start.

Step 1:
First of all, apply the cuticle oil to your cuticles and surrounding your nails. This is so that the excess colours can be removed easily later. Most of them prefer putting tapes around but i find it too tedious. You can always do that too.

Secondly, Put a layer of base coat and a layer of colour on your nails and let it dry. For this tutorial i didnt put on any as i was just trying and wasnt sure about the outcome so didnt wanna waste:-) You should do that after you have master this.

Now, lastly unscrew all your polish caps coz whats gonna happen after this is really fast and if you delay the lacquers on the water might get dried up.

So lets start:
Fill Up the bowl with the water

Then, put 2 drop of your first polish into the middle of the bowl and let it expand like this:

It should cover the whole bowl but to avoid wastage, you can also leave it this way but things will get harder later when you want to create your design.

Next drop your second colour in the middle of the 1st colour spread and so on. Basically create a 'bull's eye'. After some time it will look like this:

Once you are satisfied with the diameter, put the orange stick in the middle and start creating a design you like. I like to pull it inside out so it will look like this:

Then, put your 1st finger facing down on the design after you have chosen your favorite design:

Once you are pretty sure the design is stuck nicely, use the orange stick and move all the surrounding polish so that it doesnt stick to your nails when you pull it up. 

And the results? Tada!

Now the thing is usually you should only use one design for one nails ie you will have to do 10 times of the above dropping and designing to cover all your nails. However, i was being greedy so i managed to cover all my 5 finger nails with this design. But you need to be fast and don expect th best outcome. You can see my little finger. So ugly!
Neways, After this clean up the surrounding with your polish remover. The Final results will look like this:

After doing this, i realize that the colour was so boring! I though mixing dark maroon with light brown will look cool like my bedroom but it so doesnt, so i decided to make a lolipop marble using China glaze and OPI Shrek Collection:

Not only that! I even managed to get my housemates to join the fun too, so we came up with this:-)

Oh it so feels like being in kindergarden again playing with watercolours:-) So what you think? Gonna try? If you need any additional help feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below and ill get back to you. Show me your end results too! 

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  1. OMG that is soooo cool
    great job!

  2. awesomeeeeeeeee! :D

  3. gonna try it babe. the colorful ones look yummeh :)


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